‘‘Nobody really remembers who plays it safe.’’ - UZOR

Concept Ethos

For his brand new SS19 collection, our client wanted to blend his Glaswegian heritage into his ‘Out Door Norm’ collection whilst providing a fresh and conceptually driven ‘feel’ to the new release. We worked very closely with him to deliver the concept pack by incorporating traditional nomadic imagery and aesthetics in order to create this shoot.

We had to overcome adverse conditions in order to deliver this shoot, from the intensity of tourist visitation to uncontrollable weather conditions, we primed ourselves to execute without compromise and here we have delivered.

Visual Tailoring

In the editing process, we used our color palette with its complimentary colors to not only continue the thematic feel but also bring focus to our model and clothing. Framing the content aesthetically whilst highlighting the branding logo was key and this consideration gave incredible composition value to the delivery of the project.

With a thorough vision in our minds, we provided extra articulations including location framing, wardrobe styling & modelling frames in order to physically amalgamate all these individual aspects and influences into one conceptual delivery. Our photos were also used for his then upcoming 'Nostalgia Exhibition' and they worked perfectly to suit the philosophy.

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Designer & Model


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