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As the only surviving part of the former Victoria India Rubber Mill, Leith. Our open plan dining pizza joint has retained some key industrial features from it’s origins whilst marrying core elements of our cooking process. Wood, Stone, Fire….

-Origano Cafe & Pizzeria


Concept Ethos


The overall aesthetic quality produced is to promote the rustic authenticity that follows Origano’s origins in order to really blend their ‘business roots with the identity of their brand.

Visual Tailoring


Colouring and tonality was very important; warm and deep colour tones to bring intensity and ‘home’ familiarity to how the content would make people feel was the key principle to how the grading of the shoot was delivered. Using a deep green to hit a strong contrast but ‘natural’ looking hint within all the framed elements really added the extra touch to emphasise the overall grade.

Origano (Color Pallette).png

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