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is a collection of woven textiles that encapsulates the feelings and memories taken from old family photographs. I have used weave as a medium to preserve feelings and memories, honoring my parents’ sacrifice and struggle as immigrants to provide the comfort and security for me growing up in a culturally different background to them.

- Julie Anne Fernandez

Concept Ethos


‘Ode To My Family’ collection by Julie Anne Fernandez - featured as Enki’s New Designer Top Picks.


Delivering a beautifully soft aesthetic in this product shoot was key to being able to highlight the ephemeral and reflective nature of the design ethos; the essence of the story was at the heart of this curated shoot.


Visual Tailoring


From the product ethos, we curated a concept board; this includes a colour palette and location precedence. By doing so, we bring the concept to life visually and can begin nurturing the concept into fruition.The shoreline of Prestwick presented a gorgeous backdrop in order to satisfy the mood and tones we carefully chose for this client shoot; once the location was thoroughly scouted, we began shooting to produce the story that we intended to show.

Ode to my Family (Colour Palette).png

To view the final collection of works, click on the 'GALLERY WORKS' button below 

Textile Designer

Julie Anne Fernandez

Makeup Artist

Amy Hendry-Hughes



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