''In French, our name means coast and sky. Two worlds stretching towards each other.'' 

Concept Ethos

For this project, with Cote&Ciel, an assortment of their key design bags were selected to be refreshed & revamped in a new visual aesthetic.

The brand has a dedicated team of designers that have endlessly tailored these designs to stand out with subtle perfections and this was an extremely important aspect that we wanted to ensure we captured in the delivery of our work.

We wanted to deliver a shoot that aimed for one holistic imagery for branding of the bags : premium, clean and upmarket.


Visual Tailoring

With the intentions of executing exactly that, we created a three point lighting setup to provide accentuation, highlights and emphasis on the designer's details and structures of the bags.

Our tonal palette was simple and elegant in order to convey the holistic imagery we set out upon, using a strong contrasting set of tones in order to deliver the drama and beauty of Cote&Ciel's designs.

Cote et Ciel (Color Pallette).png

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