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Crafted with the finest Materials, Bliss Body designs are perfect for those seeking

timeless apparel to highlight their natural confidence, style and elegance. 

Concept Ethos


The 'Odyssey Watch' is part of a new collection of work by BlissBody that seeks to stand out with a timeless look with confidence and precision.

We wanted to curate this series to accentuate elegance, class and confidence with a very simple, clean visual dialogue.


Visual Tailoring


After drawing up concept boards for the product, we finalised on a monochromatic influenced tone board for the shoot.

Using the contrast of tones, depth and backgrounds to highlight the precision of the product's elements were key to show a sharp, clean visual aesthetic. 

For this product, we wanted to include an indicative story to really let the product speak for the brand and that was to visually compose a 'feel' for the lifestyle of the product and brand as a whole. This shoots really provides the charisma, character and confidence of the product,

Bliss Body (Color Pallette).png

To view the final collection of works, click on the 'GALLERY WORKS' button below 


Bliss Body

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